Common Foundation Issues to Look For

Whether you’re buying, selling, or currently own a home, it’s important to know the signs of common foundation issues. Knowing these tell-tale signs can make all the difference when it comes to foundation repairs.

Common Foundation Issues to Be Aware of

Common Foundation Issues

Foundation Cracks

The most common foundation problem is foundation cracks. Here in California, we’re more prone to cracking and settling foundations due to our climate and soil conditions. Foundation settlement and upheaval, which is the opposite of settlement, are both very common in Southern California.

Cracks In Walls

Another common foundation issue is cracks in walls. Many homeowners will see a crack in their wall and think nothing of it when repairing it with drywall mud or plaster. While this repair method will certainly take care of the crack itself, it won’t solve the underlying problem. And oftentimes, since the foundation problem hasn’t been addressed, the wall will eventually crack again.

Sticking Windows & Doors

Sticking windows and doors are another common foundation issue. Aside from poor installation, windows and doors can stick when there is movement in your home’s foundation. This happens when the floors are no longer even, creating unbalanced support for the walls.

Sloping Floors

Sloping floors are a sign that your foundation is settling. When uneven settlement occurs, your floors will often slope in one direction or the other. Mismatched trim and gaps beneath your baseboards can also be an indication of sloping floors. Since your baseboard trim is attached to the wall, and not the floor, your trim will stay in place while your floors might sink.

While foundation cracks are common knowledge of foundation problems, we hope this article helps inform you of some other common foundation issues to look for. Should you notice any of these signs, feel free to contact us to set up an inspection!

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