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"Great Service & Great Value"

My house was sinking. I got 3 bids for my foundation project. This was the one with the most straight forward estimate of costs, and surprisingly, didn't break the bank. I was in touch with Peter, the owner, the whole time. No call centers, no 4-hour windows, just good old person-to-person service. They were very knowlegeble and executed the work on time. Highly recommend.

-Juliana Raposo on Google Reviews

"Peter and his team were absolutely stellar!"

They were able to raise a part of our patio that had sunken - and stabilize it. They were prompt, affordable, and would not leave until I was totally satisfied. The technology is amazing too. I highly recommend Foundations On The Level.

-Mike Havis on Google Reviews

"Don't hesitate to contact Pete...he can fix it!"

Pete took on a difficult job with my foundation. I ended up having 3 different foundation styles on my house - each requiring unique strategies to repair. Pete and I worked together to come up with a plan to repair my home in a timely matter and within my budget. In the end, it turned out great and I couldn't be happier with the results. Don't hesitate to contact Pete for any repairs you might need, he can fix it!

-Sheldon Nelson

"The project was carried out in an exceptionally businesslike and competent way."

"Peter Zoschak and his team at FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL recently completed a releveling project at our house in Capistrano Beach. From beginning to end the project was carried out in an exceptionally businesslike and competent way. Peter and his associates were a delight to work with and they went out of their way to accommodate the needs of our family - including our son, daughter-in-law, and a very young baby. All in all, the project could not have been better managed and the result was excellent.

It was a revelation to see how Peter personally managed the whole process, working with the engineer, the city building department, and supervising the pier placement and lifting processes himself.

I can heartily recommend Peter and his company and would be happy to provide more insight into their work."

-Peter McDougall

"We are very satisfied with Pete's work and confidently recommend him for Foundation Repair."

"I contracted with Peter Zoschak Jr. of FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL to lift our home and make it level again. It sloped about six inches in the rear portion of the house.

He was able to level the house to within 0.2" He also was able to do this without damaging the large picture windows in the living room. All the doors and windows work again, and the house is better than new. We are very satisfied with Pete's work and confidently recommend him for foundation repair."

-Jack Matthews AIA

"Professional, reliable, courteous, and respectful."

"It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL. Peter was the foundation contractor for my home's stabilization and leveling project. I had no prior relationship with Peter, who was recommended by a general contractor friend of mine. Foundation repairs are inherently stressful for almost any homeowner. Peter's knowledge was invaluable and the fact that he worked side by side with his crew kept my stress level to a minimum. Peter and his two-man crew were professional, reliable, courteous, and respectful. They had an old school work ethic; working long hours and through the weekend (after consulting me, of course), good work habits, and pride in their work. Also, they cleaned up at the end of each day. Peter kept me closely informed of schedules, delivery dates, and projected completion dates of different phases of the project. His communication was always clear and informative. He was always available through email or on his phone. When the project was completed, all the work was done as described and agreed upon, and there were no extra expenses or unpleasant surprises. I felt Peter delivered exactly what he had promised, and I am extremely pleased with the final result. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and neighbors, and I highly recommend him to you without any reservations. If you have any questions about my experience with Peter, please feel free to contact me at LAWAGNER61@YAHOO.COM."

- Linda Wagner

"I have complete confidence that the job was done to the highest standards."

"I want to let you know that it has been a pleasure working with you. You have gone above and beyond to do a great job. While there is some inherent pain in doing foundation work, because you don't end up with something like a gorgeous kitchen remodel, I have complete confidence that the job was done to the highest standards. I can't imagine doing this project with another company. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who needs their foundations secured. You went above and beyond in so many ways. This has been a job very well done. We had cracks in our walls that slowly and subtly grew over time. We would see them as we moved through the house and it was like a slow cancer attacking the house, making it less secure. It really is reassuring to know that we will never have to worry about it again. I feel lucky that we found you to do the work."

- Annette Caves

"Peter was always available to help and was very responsive to our needs."

"We engaged a contractor to level our slab foundation. Peter Zoschak Jr. was the project manager. The job started on time and continued uninterrupted in spite of heavy rains. Peter provided daily monitoring of the process which included daily level readings. He not only managed the lift but further he had the ability to look forward and had a concern for what damages the lift might cause. Our house has Mexican tiles on the inside and cobblestones pavers on the outside. He had the foresight to carefully set aside the pavers which had to be removed for the lift, so that first, they could be found at the end of the job, and second, that they could be put back in the same position that they were in before the lift. At the end of the job, he stayed with us until the cobblestone pavers and tiles were satisfactorily replaced. He even disconnected and reconnected our pool filter and heater equipment as well as a lot of small but important things like relighting our water heater when it went out.

He worked well with other trades and coordinated the activities. The lift can be a calamitous event for a house. He did whatever he could to protect the house from damage via the lift, e.g., he lined the inner walls with protective plastic sheeting, kept the job site cleaned and organized, as well as placing protective paper on the floors at the end of each day. Peter was always available to help us, was very responsive to our needs, and when he promised to do something you could be sure that it would be handled satisfactorily. All county inspections were approved on the initial inspection. We highly recommend Peter Zoschak Jr."

- David G Buscaglia

"Kudos to Peter and his Team"

We live in an area where foundation settlement is a BIG issue. We had an extensive foundation project to lift the back of our home 3-5 inches.

Through the bidding process, Peter explained the entire project thoroughly, his concerns, potential issues we could run into and provided a clear plan. Although he wasn't the cheapest bid, at the end we could clearly see the other proposals did not come close to solving the issue. I did a lot of research on the piers he was installing and felt very comfortable the materials used were built to last.

At the end of the day, the project went smoothly and some things even came out better than we expected. Peter stayed on schedule so his team could perform the interior work while my my family was on vacation.

Other contractors have came by since are impressed at the overall extent and quality of the work done. One couldn't believe that only a few of of my interiors tiles were cracked given the immense nature of the lifting.

Kudos to Peter and his team for the quality work and giving our home a strong foundation inside and out!

- Kevin Hauri via Google Reviews