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Foundation Repair & More in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca

Foundation Repair Services

If you are experiencing any foundation issues in Anaheim, Foundations on the Level can assist you with any repairs you may need. We give our professionals the best tools and products on the market, providing you foundation crack Rancho Santa Fe with the best solutions.

There are many signs to look for in regards to foundation damage. If you see any of these indications, call Foundations on the Level as soon as you can:

  • Cracking or crumbling foundation
  • Sticking doors or windows
  • Creaking, sloping or uneven floors
  • Gaps around windows or doors
  • Bulging or leaning walls
  • Cracks in floors, ceilings or walls

Homeowners in Rancho Santa Fe should keep an eye out for these symptoms that their home is in need of foundation repair. The team of experts at Foundations on the Level will perform a no-cost inspection and sit down with you to go over the results. We want your home to be secure and comfortable and you need to be confident that your repairs are done right. We use helical piers and resistance piers to stabilize your home and return your foundation's stability.

Crack Repair in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

If you discover a crack in your wall or floor, you may be tempted to drive down to your local home improvement shop or hardware store and find a quick fix. You may fix the problem cosmetically, but the underlying cause hasn't been addressed. Foundations on the Level will fix the crack and take care of the problem behind it. Even a small crack can allow water and pests into your home and your home can be damaged far beyond the cracked wall.

Foundations on the Level has the experts that can inspect the crack, seal it, and weld it shut. Once the crack is sealed, we use carbon fiber staples, stitching the gap closed permanently.

Slab Leveling in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

slab leveling Rancho Santa FeAn uneven concrete slab is more than unsightly, it can be a tripping hazard. Falls are one of the leading causes of injury in the home and Foundations on the Level can bring your slab to its original level. Our years of experience covers just about any concrete surface including sidewalks, patios, driveways and garage and basement floors.

We are proud to offer you the option of using a favorite product of ours, polyurethane foam. We have been using this product for years and we're sure that you will be as impressed with it as we are. The process is quick and we won't have to use heavy equipment that could damage your lawn or other parts of your property. Give us a call to learn more about our polyurethane slab lifting.

Contact us today to see why we should be your number one source for foundation repair. Foundations on the Level has the best professionals and products in the industry to take care of any of your Rancho Santa Fe home repair needs.