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Sticking Doors & Windows In Southern California

Sticking windows and doors may not seem like a big deal to many California homeowners. It is easy to ignore this issue or attribute the problem to humidity or improper installment. Sometimes, homeowners will try to pound windows into place or cut the bottom of their doors to make them fit like they are supposed to, but this will only make matters worse. Usually, what is really going on is a foundation problem.

Foundation problems can stem from poor soil conditions caused by changes in moisture. During wet and rainy seasons, the soil around your foundation will expand and implement pressure against your foundation walls. In hot and dry seasons, the soil will shrink up, which can cause cracks and voids to form. Issues with your foundation can also arise if your foundation wasn't properly installed when your home was first built. Another reason could be that it has settled over time due to age. Whatever the reasons are, if you are experiencing foundation failure, it will affect the entire structure of your home. If your foundation is settling or sinking, it will cause unevenness in the upper levels of your home, such as sticking doors and windows that won't shut like they are supposed to.

Signs That Your Foundation Might Be FailingHelical Piers to Fix Sticking Doors and Windows

If you are suspecting foundation issues because of your sticking doors and windows, be on the lookout for the following symptoms:

  • Drywall cracks around doors and windows
  • Brick step cracks coming from doors and windows
  • Gaps between doors and windows
  • Trim pulled away from doors and windows
  • Foundation cracks outside of your home near doors and windows

If you have noticed any of these indicators, it is time to call Foundations on the Level for professional foundation repair services. Our team will analyze your home and come up with the best solution for your needs. We can install steel piers and helical piers, manufactured by Earth Contact Products, to help stabilize your foundation and get everything level again.

For all of your Foundation Repair needs in Southern California, Foundations on the Level can help. Let us be your professional contractors for your next repair need. We look forward to working with you!