Slab Foundation Repair

Need slab foundation repair services? We’ve got you covered! Whether your foundation has settled, has cracks, or needs to be leveled, we can repair your slab foundation in no time.

Slab Foundation Repair Methods

Slab Leveling

If your home has sloped floors, or is sinking in a certain location of your home, we can level out your slab using polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam injection is a quick and simple process that yields long-lasting results.

Foundation Crack Repair

If your foundation has settled and has cracks, we can fill and fix those cracks to avoid further damage. Repairing foundation cracks is more than simply filling the cracks. Prior to any repairs, we’ll first need to determine whether or not the cracks are active. Our approaches will be different for active cracks because we’ll need to account for future movement.

Raising Settled Slab Foundations

If your foundation has settled, we can lift and level your foundation to it’s original location. Settling is one of the most common foundation problems due to soil movement. When the supporting soil beneath your home moves or shifts, your home can move along with it. In order to repair and reverse foundation settlement, we’ll use a variety of repair techniques to ensure your foundation won’t budge in the future!

Contact Foundations On The Level for Slab Foundation Repairs

Before starting on repairs, we’ll schedule an inspection to ensure we understand the root of the problem. Knowing where your foundation problems are coming from will help us choose the foundation repair method that is going to take care of your issues once and for all. Contact us to schedule an inspection today!

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