Concrete Slab Repair

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Wondering when you should hire an expert to repair your concrete slab? This post outlines a few concrete problems that you need to hire a professional for.

Cracks in Concrete Slab

Not all cracks in concrete are cause for concern, but we do recommend having a professional inspect your home if you do happen to notice any cracks. It’s always better to catch a problem early and be able to effectively repair it from the start, rather than allowing the problem to worsen over time. Knowing the type of the crack can help diagnose what the problem is, as well as how to go about fixing them. Expansion cracks, cracks from plastic shrinkage, and settling cracks are a few types of cracks that professionals will look for to help locate the source your foundation problems. You can learn more about these types of common concrete cracks in a previous blog post!

Sloping Concrete Slab

Fluctuating weather conditions, improper soil treatment before pouring a concrete slab, and regular wear and tear can all cause a concrete slab to slope. As the ground beneath the slab settles, the concrete can sink, or slope to one side. As time passes and the ground settles further, the concrete can sink or slope more, adding additional pressure to the slab, and can ultimately cause the slab to crack. It is best to contact a professional as soon as you notice any sloping or sinking in your concrete slab.

Uneven Concrete Slabs

Similar to sloping concrete, uneven concrete can also be caused by different weather conditions and settling. You’ll likely see uneven slabs in places like driveways, pool decks, sidewalks, and patios. Areas where concrete butts up to another piece of concrete are more prone to excessive movement. While uneven slabs in these areas may not need to be repaired immediately, the sooner you can stabilize the movement beneath the concrete slabs, the better.

If you need to repair your concrete slab, we offer free estimates, and perform foundation repairs that can keep your home structurally sound for years to come. Contact us to set up an inspection!

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