What is a Floor Level Survey?

Southern California Floor Level Survey for uneven slab

Your house can be moving and you don’t even know it. You also can’t know the extent of the problem without professional help.

At Foundations on the Level, we use professional tools to conduct a comprehensive floor level survey to find the reason why the footings of your home are moving.

Some foundation companies will tell you all you have to do to see if you have foundation settlement is to check for sloping floors. But putting a ball on the floor and seeing if it will roll isn’t really giving you that much information. You might have differential footing movement. This can cause your floors to be uneven and you need a detailed report telling you exactly what you need to do to fix it.

This is where a floor level survey comes in. At Foundations on the Level, we use special tools to give exact measurements of your floor to see if you need foundation piers, smart jacks, or helical tiebacks and if so, how many. We can also tell you exactly where and how we need to install them. This is a forensic test for your home’s foundation. You can see a sample report showing above. It shows the number of piers and where they will be installed around the foundation. It will also show if other solutions are needed such as slab cracks filled with polyurethane.

The solutions we provide are comprehensive so you don’t have to worry about foundation settlement and additional foundation repairs in the future. Our goal is to find a permanent solution to your foundation problems.

Floor level surveys are part of what we do with each foundation inspection. Only then can you feel confident that the solution we’re providing is right for you home. For questions on floor level surveys or our free inspection process for homeowners, give us a call anytime at (760) 889-8150.

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