Signs of Retaining Wall Failure

retaining wall repair graphic foundations on the levelHomes and businesses on the West Coast often have retaining walls to keep sandy soil in place and protect it from problems like coastal erosion. But retaining walls can wear down over time, leading to retaining wall failure.

Is your retaining wall in disrepair? If so, it could lead to major erosion problems that eat away at your foundation or the soil around it. This can cause structural issues, cracks, and water problems.

Check for the following warning signs

  • Buckling, Tilting, or Uneven Wall
    • If the wall has started to tilt or buckle, or if a part of the wall is showing these signs, there could be an issue with soil movement or underground voids in the soil causing the wall to become unstable.
  • Cracks in Wall
    • Cracks often form when the wall starts to bow or lean due to soil movement. if a hole in the soil has formed due to dry weather and soil shrinkage, it can grow into a larger void. This void fails to support the wall, and the wall may settle, lean, and crack as a result.
  • Pulling Away or Separating from Soil
    • If the wall is pulling away from adjoining walls or separating from the soil underneath, it may be due to changes in temperature or soil movement. These issues often happen during extreme weather conditions like drought, excessive rain, or drastic temperature changes.

What to Do if You Need Retaining Wall Repair

You might see other signs of failure that could indicate your retaining wall needs to be stabilized as well – crumbling, rotting wood on or near the wall, or sloped and uneven surfaces nearby (patios, driveways, decks, etc.).

If you do need retaining wall repair in the Orange County area, call FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL right away. We utilize helical tiebacks from Earth Contact Products (ECP), to straighten, level, and stabilize the retaining wall. This fixes leaning and bowing retaining walls to close cracks and stabilize the wall.

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