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Floor Cracks

While some floor cracks are the result of the natural aging process of your home, some are caused by shifting and settling of the foundation. These cracks indicate a major foundation problem in your home. Fortunately, the team at Foundations on the Level can repair the floor cracks in your home. Not only will we make sure that any cracks are fixed, but we will also determine the underlying cause of the cracks and repair it to make sure that they do not appear again. If you see floor cracks in your Orange or San Diego County, California home, contact us right away. We perform crack repair all over Southern California.

Floor cracks can form in several different ways. Some of the common causes of floor cracks in Southern California are:

  • Floor Crack Repair in San Diego, CAShrinkage: During very hot weather, of if the concrete was poorly mixed, the slab in your home may start to shrink due to moisture loss. When this happens, the resulting stress that the concrete is under causes cracks to form in it. These cracks often form in newer concrete and are common around objects towards the center of the slab such as pipes, drains, columns, etc.
  • Expansion: Concrete expansion, due to warm weather or even freezing of the water in the concrete can also lead to cracks. As the concrete expands, it pushes on whatever is adjacent to it, causing pressure cracks and chipping concrete.
  • Settlement: Settlement of the foundation can also lead to cracks when the areas of the foundation that are not supported from underneath start to cave in. Foundation settlement may be the result of soil shrinkage, erosion, or even sinkhole formation.
  • Shifting: During very wet seasons when there is a lot of moisture in the ground, the excess water pressure in the soil can push on the foundation and cause it to shift and crack. This can result in not only floor cracks, but also wall cracks, bowing and leaning walls, and other foundation problems.

These problems all occur when there is a foundation problem in your home. If you see these issues, look for other signs of a foundation problem, such as sticking windows and doors, sloping floors, and chipping or flaking foundations.

Floor Crack Repair Options in Orange County and Southern California

If you do notice floor cracks in your home, you should invest in the proper foundation repair solution as soon as possible. Fortunately, Foundations on the Level has the necessary tools and skills to repair your foundation and prevent further problems. Some of the foundation repair methods that we offer for floor cracks include:

Our underpinning products for repairing settling foundations come the the reliable foundation repair product supplier, ECP (Earth Contact Products). This allows us to make sure that your foundation is lifted properly and any floor cracks are closed. We put our best into other solutions that we use as well, such as pressure jacking to fill voids beneath your foundation, epoxy injections to seal cracks, and carbon fiber repair to strengthen concrete.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your floor cracks in the Orange County and San Diego County areas in Southern California.

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