Around the House in Carlsbad, CA

What are the most common problems we see in Carlsbad?

So many of the calls we receive from our Carlsbad customers start with something small. Something that people aren’t even sure is a true problem.

“I have a small crack in my ceiling, should I be worried?”

“I noticed my steps have separated from my foundation, is this a big problem?”

People generally are just around the house and they notice something that wasn’t there before. Then, like we all do, they go to Google and search:

Are you seeing a pattern here? I bet you are….cracks (among a few other things!) So how serious are these cracks and do they REALLY mean a problem is happening underneath your home?

Err on the side of caution ⚠️

Here is our recommendation to Southern California homeowners:

What does it hurt to get it checked out?

If you notice cracks, even if they are just hairline cracks, it’s worth having a foundation repair expert take a look. We live in an area, whether you are talking about Carlsbad or other parts of Southern California, that is prone to movement and changes in the ground around your home.

The cracks you are finding might just be from minor settlement but they truly can be a sign of something bigger. Especially if you are seeing more than one item on that list above. A few other items to keep your eyes on? Countertops pulling away from the wall, cracked tiles, cracked molding, or cracks in the joint where walls meet – these are all potential signs of problems.

We offer free estimates, and perform foundation repairs that can keep your home structurally sound. Call us – ask questions – and have us take a look. We’re here to help and proud to serve Carlsbad and Southern California. Thanks for reading!

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