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Foundation Repair in Spring Valley, CA

Homeowners in Spring Valley, CA may experience some issues with their foundation due to improper grading, excess water, or seismic activity.  FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL offers professional foundation repair services in Spring Valley, CA. Foundation problems can cause structural damage throughout the entire home. Some of the things to look for that may indicate a foundation problem include:

 If you find any of these signs, contact FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL as soon as possible. It is important that these problems are dealt with quickly, so as to minimize the damage that is occurring.

Crack Repair in Spring Valley, CA

FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL uses Roklin polyurethane asphalt and cement products to repair cracks in your concrete. This polyurethane foam is injected into the affected concrete and expands to fill the voids beneath the concrete. After the crack has been sealed, we stitch the sealed gap with Fortress carbon fiber staples. This will permanently seal the crack. The polyurethane cures quickly so the concrete can be used immediately after the repair is completed.

Slab Leveling in Spring Valley, CAslab leveling and foundation repair Spring Valley, CA

If you have an uneven slab, FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL can get your slab back to its original level and safe again. We use Accella Polyurethane Systems polymer foam for concrete leveling. This is a low-density water blown spray foam. These products are superior for slab raising. Let us give you a free inspection and report so you know exactly what we will be doing and what your cost will be. Inspections and reports are free for property owners only.

For any of your foundation repair, crack repair or slab leveling needs in Spring Valley, CA, come the professionals at FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL. We have the experience and use only the best products available.