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Foundation Repair & More in Fallbrook, Ca

We Also Provide Concrete Leveling, Crack Repair and Retaining Wall Repair

Looking for a foundation repair company in Fallbrook, CA? Foundations on the Level offers the highest quality foundation repair and slab leveling services in Southern California.

We offer a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial repair services throughout Fallbrook, CA and the rest of San Diego County. As your foundation settles over time, it may require structural repairs. Foundations on the Level is here to meet your Fallbrook foundation repair needs as they come. With decades of experience and proven results, you can count on us. Fill out our contact form today to schedule your free estimate for foundation repair!

Foundation Repair Services Will Reverse These Issues:

What Causes Foundation Problems in Fallbrook, CA?

Foundation problems can be caused by a variety of things. As time passes, your foundation will naturally settle into the ground. Most foundation problems arise when soil issues contribute to foundation settlement. These issues can include oversaturated soil that creates pressure against foundation walls, weak soil underneath the foundation causing it to sink, or high water tables creating pressure against the foundation floor.

Whatever might be causing your Fallbrook foundation settlement, Foundations on the Level can discover the root issues and come up with a personalized plan to repair your foundation. Our expert team is highly knowledgeable about all types of foundation failure.

Repairing Foundation Cracks & More

Foundations on the Level offers expert structural foundation repair solutions for residents and business owners of Fallbrook, CA and surrounding areas. We use systems manufactured by the leading companies in the industry: Fortress Stabilization Systems, Roklin Systems Inc, and Earth Contact Products. Click here to learn more about the underpinning products that we use.

Not only do we repair settling foundations, but we also offer structural repair services for cracked slabs and retaining walls. Some of our specialized repair services include:

Carbon Fiber Crack Repair Fallbrook Southern CaliforniaEpoxy Injections - Basement floor cracks can be a common occurrence, especially in Southern California homes. We use epoxy injections to seal and bond your concrete floor cracks for good!

Carbon Fiber Staples - Carbon fiber staples work to permanently stitch gaps and cracks in your concrete walls or floors. We use epoxy to seal and bond cracks, and then stitch them with carbon fiber for long-lasting support.

Slab Leveling - Whether it's your foundation, driveway, garage floor, or pool deck - cracked and uneven slabs can be unsightly and dangerous. Count on Foundations on the Level to permanently lift and stabilize your concrete slab using polyurethane concrete leveling.

Helical Tiebacks for Retaining Walls - We use helical tiebacks to repair leaning retaining walls. These tiebacks installed into strong soil with our portable and lightweight drilling equipment. Once the tiebacks retain the right capacity ratio of the soil strength, they are tensioned and the wall is put back in place.

Searching for a Foundation Repair Contractor Near You? Choose Foundations On The Level?

Make Foundations on the Level your first choice for any home repair needs you have in Fallbrook, CA. We are a locally owned and operated business based out of Carlsbad, CA, and we serve the entire county of San Diego as well as Orange County. With professional warranty-backed foundation repair and certified installers, Foundations on the level is fully equipped to provide you with professional foundation repair, slab leveling, crack repair, and retaining wall repair.

Let us show you why we've earned our reputation for outstanding customer service and quality products and service. Contact us today to get started with your free estimate.