A Profile of Our Owner

Get to know Peter Zoschak

My experience with foundations began in 1980 on Fire Island installing 40-foot pole pilings deep into the sand for new beach house foundations. 

After moving to California in 2000, I began designing projects and installing resistance piers to re-level residential and commercial buildings.

I ran the project to re-level the DoubleTree Hotel in Berkeley, California. This was a massive project, 258 resistance piers were installed 26 stories deep to lift this three-story hotel 18 inches out of the ground. The project was successful and completed without a hitch. These experiences prove valuable when I design and install solutions for your foundation. 

We install the best pier systems manufactured by Earth Contact Products, the leader in the industry, located in Olathe, KS. These foundation products are made in the USA.

We have the latest technologies to weld slab cracks closed with Roklin Epoxy Systems and Fortress Carbon Fiber for stitching across slab cracks. 

I will complete a thorough inspection of your foundation and design a solution to mitigate the foundation failure. I am responsible for every project and we promise to meet all of your expectations. 

California Contractors License – 970526
Specialty D-30 California Contractors License – 970526
Workers Compensation Insurance – 9088991
Contractors Liability Insurance – 100076409
Surity Bond – 205708