Benefits of Polyurethane Injection in Southern California

Polyurethane injection is a method used to fix concrete issues like slab settlement and crack formation. When used for slab leveling, the process begins with small holes being drilled in the concrete slab. The polyurethane material is then injected under the concrete through these holes. The polyurethane then expands, lifting the sinking slab and filling in spaces in the ground beneath to stabilize the concrete.

Why Invest in Polyurethane Injection to Level Your Southern CA Slab

We offer polyurethane injection to lift and stabilize concrete slabs throughout Southern California. Some of the advantages you can expect with this solution for slab lifting include:

Quick Solution: Polyurethane injection is a relatively simple process for our trained professionals. We can complete the injection quickly and the material requires very little setting time, letting you return to normal use of the slab almost immediately.

polyurethane injection in southern california for slab releveling

Cost-Effective: Because this solution does not require any new concrete and does not require us to remove the old slab, it is typically a lot less expensive than some other traditional methods of concrete slab repair. Polyurethane injection is a more cost-effective solution for slabs in Southern California.

Highly Durable: The polyurethane we use, from Accella Polyurethane Systems, is durable and able to withstand a variety of conditions. Our polyurethane slab injection is a permanent solution that will help in preventing any future sinking or cracks

Powerful Results: This low-density foam will lift your slab and keep it level and stabilized for years to come. It offers high compressive strength and stability and lifts the slab quickly so that we can provide the right amount of lift for your situation.

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