How Do Drainage Issues Affect Your Foundation

Did you know that poor drainage can lead to foundation problems? Especially with your gutters, if it isn’t properly draining water away from your home it can lead to disaster.

Affecting Your Foundation

When water puddles around the outside of your home, this expands the soil around your home. An excessive amount of puddling around your home can lead to leaks and cracks in your foundation.

A broken downspout

A foundation supports the entire weight of your house. If it is compromised, you will start seeing more and more problems around your home. If gone too long without any repairs your home can be dangerous to be in.


A great solution for poor drainage around your home is gutter extensions. The best part of this solution is that these extensions aren’t terribly expensive. These gutters should run at least five feet from your house. This will give enough room for the water to properly drain away from your home.

Another great solution is regularly cleaning out your gutters. Gutters can often be filled with debris like leaves and twigs. Having too much material in your gutters will make draining much more difficult, leading to the gutters overflowing, not going down the downspout, and ending up by your foundation.

Things to Watch Out For

Some things you should watch out for that are common symptoms of poor drainage is; puddles, standing water, and mosquitoes.

More Info

If your having drainage or puddling problems that have led to a crack in your foundation make sure you contact Foundation on the Level! We have the experience and tools needed to repair your foundation.

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