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carbon fiber staples for cracks in Orange CountyMost Southern California houses will develop foundation cracks over the years. Different types of foundations have the potential of developing different types of cracks. Foundation cracks are generally placed into two categories - structural cracks and settlement cracks. Although there are atypical instances, most horizontal cracks are structural and vertical ones are caused by settling and sinking. As a homeowner, you can check over your own foundation, looking for new cracks or monitoring cracks that appear to be growing in length or widening. If there is ever any doubt, please call FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL and one of our project consultants will assess your foundation to determine if immediate action is required.

Structural Foundation Cracks

A horizontal crack in the foundation wall is more than likely a sign that your foundation is failing and can no longer withstand the pressure and weight of the structure. These structural cracks have certain characteristics:

  • Cracks will appear on a load-bearing foundation wall
  • Cracks will develop below grade
  • Generally horizontal, but can be stair-stepped if the wall is brick or cement block

At FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL, we install ECP steel piers to fix failing foundations.

Settlement Foundation Cracks

Nonstructural foundation cracks are generally vertical and are sometimes referred to as hairline cracks because they are less than 1/32" in width. These cracks also have specific characteristics:

  • Cracks will not extend past the foundation into the structure
  • Cracks will be vertical or diagonal depending on foundation material
  • Cracks can occur on an interior wall
  • Crack width will be very thin, normally 1/32" or less

While these settlement cracks are not a threat to the integrity of the home's foundation, they can still allow water and insects to enter your basement. We specialize in crack repair, no matter the size and we'd be happy to come out to check your home's foundation cracks.

 Once you recognize the types of cracks you see in your foundation, it is very important to watch them closely. For any of your foundation crack concerns and crack repair, contact FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL.

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