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Foundation Repair & More in Lakeside, Ca

Lakeside's Foundation Repair Contractor

FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL offers professional foundation repair services to residents living in Lakeside, CA. Many homeowners in this area experience foundation issues due to seismic activity, drought, improper grading, poor drainage, and many other weather-related activities.

Foundation problems can cause structural damage throughout the entire home. Some things to look for are:

Foundation repair Lakeside, CA

If you have noticed any of these problems in your Lakeside, CA home, contact FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL. The sooner the problem is fixed, the better. We install helical piers and resistance piers to stabilize your foundation and give it long-lasting strength. We use Earth Contact Products (ECP), the best in the industry. Keep your home safe and structurally sound with our foundation repair services here in Lakeside, CA.

Slab Leveling in Lakeside, CA

Many homes have slabs that become uneven over time. Uneven slabs are unsightly and can become a tripping hazard for you and your guests. Some of the most common areas for slab leveling are:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Porches
  • Garage floors
  • Sidewalks

FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL uses low-density water-blown spray foam that is manufactured by Arnco Performance Polymers. This spray foam is injected into the affected area and expands to fill the void beneath the slab to raise and level the slab back to its original level. This spray foam will make the slab stronger than it originally was. This spray foam cures in 15 minutes so your slab will be ready to use immediately after the repair is done.

Crack Repair in Lakeside, CA

We are experts in crack repair and have many years of experience. For crack repair, we use ROKLIN Dual Component Epoxy, which seals cracks and welds them closed. After this step, we will stitch the repaired crack with FORTRESS carbon fiber staples every 18 inches. This method will permanently seal your cracks and prevent any damage from continuing to get worse.

For all of your foundation repair, slab leveling or crack repair needs in Lakeside, CA, contact FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL. Our company is proud of the outstanding reputation we have established. Don't wait any longer, contact us today!