When should I worry about Foundation Cracks?

foundation cracks - when to worry

As a homeowner, you may do everything right. You might keep your gutters in good repair and clear of debris. The landscaping grade around your foundation is leading down and away as it should be. You perform normal inspections of your foundation. What happens if you do everything right but you still have cracks in your foundation? When should you worry about foundation cracks in your home?

Know the Cause of Foundation Problems

Soil that is too wet or too dry, loose soil, poor drainage, construction issues, seismic activity, and changes in temperature or weather can all lead to problems with your foundation. These are typically things that are out of your control. But by being aware of these issues and when they happen in your area you can know when to be on the lookout for foundation cracks.

Types of Cracks

Shrinkage Cracks: If you have poured concrete walls in your crawl space or have a concrete slab and the soil around your foundation shrinks when the weather is very dry or due to loose soil, you might find these types of cracks. 

Horizontal Cracks: These cracks can occur when there is pressure on the slab or foundation walls. This can be caused by expanding soil or water pressure (also called hydrostatic pressure). These cracks can be some of the most serious.

Cracks from Settlement: Most homes have some level of settlement due to changes in the soils around the structure. The size and location of settlement cracks can be an indication of how serious the problem is. 

Stairstep Cracks: These cracks are typical in a block foundation and can be some of the most serious and are a result of bowing walls. You will find horizontal cracks and stairstep cracks together often.

When in Doubt, Give Us a Call

Your foundation is the most important part of your home when it comes to stability. So if you see cracks and are concerned it can’t hurt to call an expert and get advice. We’re here for you! If you call us we will talk to you about what you see. If needed, we will come to take a look. We can help you know when you should worry about foundation cracks in your foundation.

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