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Foundation Repair Services in San Diego, California

Foundation issues are nothing to mess with. When the base that provides support for the rest of your house is failing to do its job, it is going to impact countless other areas of the home. Thankfully there are foundation repair solutions available. If you start experiencing any of the problems listed below, contact Foundations on the Level, your San Diego foundation repair experts, either through our website or by calling 760-889-8150.

Common Signs of Foundation Problems

If detected early enough, foundation repair costs can be held at a minimum. It is important to be aware of the signs of foundation failure so that they can be taken care of as soon as they are noticed.

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If you are concerned that your home might have foundation problems, don’t wait another day to give us a call. If left unchecked, that small foundation wall crack or floor crack can quickly turn into a major, expensive problem.

Why Is My Foundation Failing?

There are many reasons why a home may develop foundation problems. Normal changing soil conditions surrounding your home are the most common causes of foundation settlement. The fluctuating moisture levels in the soil can cause your foundation to shift, settle, and crack. When the foundation settles significantly or unevenly, it places pressure on the foundation that can cause structural problems and the need for foundation repair. Common causes of foundation failure in California include:

  • Excessive Moisture: If there is too much rain or if you have drainage problems, the soil around your home can expand and create pressure against your foundation walls.
  • Intense Sun and Dry Heat: These conditions can dry up the soil and cause cracks in your foundation
  • Extensive Landscaping: If you have trees and bushes planted too close to your home, their roots will extend underneath your foundation and create pressure.
  • Seismic Activity: Movement of the ground can cause your foundation to shift and settle.

Foundation Repair Solutions for San Diego

If your home is in need foundation repair to raise, level and provide ongoing support for its foundation, Foundations on the Level is an expert in foundation underpinning. Our team will utilize one of two different types of piers from Earth Contact Products, the industry leader in steel foundation piers. ECP backs their piers with a 25-year warranty.

Push piers

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Push piers, or resistance piers, are steel piers driven deep into the soil until they hit bedrock or stable enough soil to support the foundation. They are then attached to the foundation to lift it back to its initial height.

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Helical piers

Helical piers share many similarities with push piers. They are steel piers that after being sunk to a level where the soil can support the house are attached to the foundation in order to lift and stabilize it.

They have one significant difference, however. Helical piers are often referred to as screw piers or screw piles because they have screw-like plates attached to the pier. The plates allow the pier to be "screwed" into the ground. The torque needed to do so throughout the process allows the installers to know the exact load capacity of the piers at that depth of soil.

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What To Expect When You Get Your Foundation Fixed

First, The Inspection

Foundations on the Level offers property owners a free inspection with a report so that you know for sure that you are getting the right foundation repair for your home or business. We also offer financing for your foundation repair project so you can start as soon as possible, because we know that the health of your foundation affects your whole home or business.

During an inspection, one of our trained foundation repair professionals will come to take a look at your home and measure your foundation floor elevation with a manometer computer, looking for signs and patterns of movement. Sometimes, there is no need for foundation repair. If that is the case in your home, we will happily tell you that there is no need for repair.

If your home’s foundation does require some sort of repair, we will first find the cause of the problem to determine the best foundation repair solution. We will work up a plan and offer you the best foundation repair services at a competitive price. We offer both residential and commercial foundation repair in San Diego.

Next, Installation of the Piers

The installers will make small excavations about three feet square at the foundation of your home in the locations where they will install the piers. They then notch the foundation footing and attach the pier bracket to the foundation.

Using a hydraulic motor, the pier will then be driven into the soil until it reaches bedrock or a stable enough soil to support the home. Once the piers have been installed and load tested, hydraulics are installed on the piers.

The building's load is then transferred to the piers and the hydraulics are used to lift the foundation back to its original level. The holes are then refilled and the soil compacted, leaving the site neat.

Take a look at our work

At Foundations on the Level, we have experience working on big projects. Here are two of them.

Beach home with natural cave below it supported with piers.

Piers installed at DoubleTree Hotel at Berkeley Marina.

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The piering systems we use provide a permanent solution to your foundation issues. Call us today at (760) 889-8150 for your free foundation report and C.A.D. plan. (Only free for property owners).