Retaining Wall Repair

The last few months have had just about every type of weather and natural disaster you can imagine for the San Diego region. Torrential rains, droughts, landslides, wildfires, earthquakes…the list is exhausting!

All of this weather has taken its toll on the ground in the area. You may have noticed damaged or shifting soil around your property. The retaining wall that was supposed to protect your home or business could now be a threat.

Keep your retaining wall strong and stable

Fortunately, FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL has some tips on retaining wall repair and preventing retaining wall failure, protecting you and your property.

Tips to Protect Your Retaining Wall

  • Replace the soil with gravel: Soil can expand and contract with changes in the moisture levels. Oversaturated soil can exert tremendous pressure on your retaining wall. Gravel can allow the water to naturally drain from the area.
  • Install drain tile: Water levels can be reduced with the addition of drain tile to the ground. This will alleviate some of the water pressure and levels that can occur during big rainfalls.
  • Prevent blowouts: If there is too much soil at the top of your retaining wall, it can begin to lean, eventually collapsing. FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL can install helical tiebacks to prevent this from happening.

Repairing a Retaining Wall

If your retaining wall is already damaged, all is not lost. Some solutions can return strength and stability to your retaining wall.

A quality contractor will come to the property and visually inspect the situation. Only then can they determine not only the cause of the problem but how to repair it and also prevent it from happening again.

Helical tiebacks can be installed to pull back and reinforce the retaining wall. FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL exclusively use tiebacks made by ECP, the leading foundation repair product manufacturer in the industry. There is no sense in using cheap materials just to save money. These low-quality fixes will fail and you will have a bigger problem than you may have had originally.

The tiebacks are installed using portable and lightweight equipment, minimizing the disruption to your lawn and property. Helical tiebacks provide strength while being unaffected by the weather. Once the tiebacks are installed, the retaining wall and surrounding property are ready to go. There is no need to wait for curing times or cleanup.

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